Whilst it’s fun to bounce around and challenge yourself on trampolines and other area’s of our park; there is always an element of risk. By paying attention to the park rules and safety notices, the advice of our trained Court Marshal’s in the arena, you will reduce the risk of injury and do more of what you came for – Have lots of fun!


  1. We do not provide direct supervision or assess individual’s skill levels, abilities, competency or suitability to use this activity
  2. Use of this activity is entirely at your own risk
  3. Do NOT attempt any manoeuvre beyond your own skill level
  4. Do not attempt flips or other advanced manoeuvres unless you know you are competent, capable and have the appropriate training and skills
  5. Always remain in control
  6. Plan your landings in advance
  7. Always jump and land in the centre of the trampolines
  8. Always jump so you land on both feet at the same time – never land with just one foot.
  9. Never jump on or near the coloured pads
  10. Be aware of how to bend your knees to control or stop your bounce
  11. Do not exit the trampolines by bouncing off onto the surrounding walkways
  12. Do not jump or step onto a trampoline unless it is clear
  13. There should never be two or more people on one trampoline at the same time
  14. No double bouncing
  15. No Running
  16. No wrestling, tackling or shoving
  17. Stay on your track. Do not cross lanes
  18. Exit the jump area as quickly as possible by the nearest exit point